Sunday, August 14, 2011

What did Preacher say?!

I was told that Tom Neal got up the other night and told the congregation that the investigation against Greg Neal has been dropped due to lack of evidence.  Well, that is just another lie "Preacher" has told from the pulpit.  The investigation is in fact over.  The investigation is over due to the Statute of Limitations.  There's only a one year window to prosecute in cases of voyeurism.  Although this tape recording happened 10 years ago, detectives were trying to see if they could get the statute waived because the victims didn't know about the tape until fairly recently. It was a long shot, but worth a try.  The victims identified not only themselves on the tape, but they also identified Greg Neal.  The Clay County Sheriff's Office had the tape and called the girls in to see it.  Tom Neal has said multiple times that "THERE IS NO TAPE", but that too was a LIE.  If there's no tape Tom Neal, then why do the CCSO say that they have it?  How can the victims identify themselves if there's no video to view? How can the members of Berean Baptist Church trust this liar?

It's worth mentioning that neither Tom or Greg Neal would cooperate with investigators.  If there's no tape, why not just say so?  Seems pretty simple; no tape, no case right?

Here's a link to read the details yourself:

So there it is, in black and white.  I know that a copy of the police report has been sent to all the men on staff.  So they now know what you and I know.  Now, it's time to see if they follow through and do what they've taught us to do all these years.  I know I'm personally watching to see what Bro. Fox and Dr. Farber do.

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