Thursday, October 6, 2011

So what's the Bombshell?

I wanted to take a moment to address this press conference the Neals had.  I was told that Tom called this conference in order to drop a “bombshell”, so naturally I was curious.  I wanted to know what he had to say that was so important.  I was even told it was about us “evil doers” and what he had to say was going to keep us from stalking him and his family on Fleming Island.  First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not stalking anyone, and I don’t know of anyone who is.  So that’s a load of baloney right there.  Tom insists that he and his wife are being stalked and threatened by us, and that’s just not true.  Tom Neal, if you’re being stalked and threatened, I suggest you call the police, because although I’m not a legal expert, I’m pretty sure that is illegal.  So talk to Barry Fuller and see what you can do about that.  Maybe people are stalking your wife so they can knock her down and take her diamond rings? I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud (just an OPINION, not a SUGGESTION). Your car is pretty expensive, there may be some people trying to jump in and drive off with it? (Not me, of course. Just throwing out reasons why you feel people are stalking you.) Anyhow, let’s move on.

I want to go over Greg’s statement.  If you want to read Greg’s statement in its entirety, just go to

The link to the police report is further down the page.

Greg starts off by saying that he is innocent and he does not deny that there is a tape.  He goes on to say that he has not spoken out before because the Clay County Sherriff’s Office did not want him to make any statements until their investigation was concluded, because it would interfere with his investigation.

Let’s talk about this.  Greg comes out the gate with a lie.  When reading the police report that the Clay County Sherriff’s Office released, it states that the investigator contacted Greg’s lawyer.  The Detective asked Mark Cirron (Greg’s Lawyer) for an interview with Greg.  So you see, the CCSO did want a statement from Greg.  Detectives like to talk to their suspects while they’re investigating, not afterwards.  Cirron said he would talk to Greg and get back to them, but Greg never spoke to detectives because his lawyer advised him not to, not the CCSO.  Furthermore, the police report states that “several attempts to interview the suspect, Gregory Michael Neal, and his father, Herman Thomas Neal, they REFUSED to cooperate with the investigation or provide a statement.”  So Greg and Tom actually interfered with the investigation because they would not cooperate.  I wish someone would clear this up for me, but after the press conference, Tom and Greg refused to answer any additional questions from reporters.

Let’s keep going.  Greg continues by stating “Upon conclusion of the investigation, it was clear to me that the investigation was not fair or complete.” 

Maybe it wasn’t complete because you wouldn’t cooperate with police.  I agree it’s not complete because it didn’t get to go to trial, due to the Statute of Limitations.  But let’s agree to disagree on that one.

Greg says that he just received that tape the night before the press conference.  He Insist that he fully cooperated with police, but in the same breath said that he would not talk to the police if they did not have any evidence or charges to present to him.  He claims that the CCSO choose not to talk to him!!

Okay, so I’m officially confused now!  So you’re telling me that they called Bernadette in there and showed her the tape, but they didn’t have a tape to show you?  Or that they didn’t want to show you a tape?  They called Cindy in there, and she identified herself on the tape too.  So.......why wouldn’t the CCSO show you the evidence?  That sounds like a load of bull.

Apparently, the only evidence is this recording, which you had no knowledge of…..hmm.  How would this person (let’s assume it’s not you, like you want us to believe) record these girls undressing in your office.  How did they know that the girls were going to be trying on their tour outfits in your office?  Who told the tour girls to try the dresses on in your office? How would they even get into your office without anybody knowing?  The door leading to the offices is always locked and somebody has to let you in from the inside. There’s always somebody on staff in there. Why are you seen coming in and moving that piece of paper obstructing the view? How did this person turn the camera on at the precise moment you’re leaving the room?  Whom do you think did this?  A lot of unanswered questions, questions that could be answered if you were to cooperate with police, but you didn’t. 

The State Attorney states that the evidence is overwhelming, so somebody is lying.  Since Greg and Tom never lie, we can assume it’s the State’s Attorney.

Finally Greg, despite my efforts, the church will go on.  I never intended for the church not to go on.  I wanted you to step down from your position that you’re no longer qualified for.  After seeing how your father handled the situation, I’m convinced he is no longer qualified to be a pastor.  He has abused his authority and lied about us.  You two are wrong, and Berean Baptist Church deserves better.  I’m not the reason you’re church is going down, and it is going down.  The church is going down due to your mismanagement of funds.

Your own paperwork that your Bankruptcy lawyers filed, states that you can no longer afford that property and you’re asking to remain on 17 until the end of the school year, so that you may find another location.  Of course, we all know the reason you’re not completing the bankruptcy is because you didn’t let the court know about the Property in Jacksonville.  Once the Bankruptcy is over, you can claim that property, debt free, and move over there.  You’ve always complained over the years that you’ve run out of space to expand on 17, now you can build whatever you want in Jacksonville, with Immanuel’s line of credit, because yours is shot.

Tom Neal, I have nothing to be ashamed about.  My son isn’t the pervert on the news, yours is.  So you should be ashamed.  The only thing you do for your community is patron it’s restaurants.  Maybe if you dropped a few pounds you would feel better about yourself.  Why don’t you pray and FAST over the property?  You won’t, because that would require you to sacrifice, which you have made clear you won’t do for your church.  Your teachers don’t get a paycheck so that you can eat out EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Stop shoveling food in your mouth, get off your high horse, and pay your bills. 

Finally, there’s a reason lie detector tests are not used in court.  They’re not reliable, plain and simple.  I’m just curious, who paid this may for the polygraph test?  They boasted that this man works for the CCSO, so we could take his word on how accurate the results were.  So let me see if I understand.  The polygraph guy that you hired, is reliable and trustworthy, because he works for the CCSO, but the detectives at the CCSO who investigated you are a bunch of liars?  The detectives and the State’s Attorneys are not to be trusted?  You guys are all over the place.  I’m getting dizzy so I’ll stop here. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Courtesy of George X The July Financials

The following is written by George X:

A couple things. When I compare the June to July two big things stand out to me. First, they tried to pull a fast one by comparing on page 4 June vs July and showing an increase in assets of $9410.71. What an observer may not notice unless called to it is that they did not pay their $30,000 First Bank Payement. If they had, they would have overdrawn their account (Operating balance is $3,769.55).
Secondly, When June is compared to July, one must understand the church revenue cycle. I am sure you understand this - June has 4 Sundays and July has 5 Sundays. This means that you should have roughly 25% more revenue in a month with 5 Sunday's. It would be like running your haricutting business monday - Thursday vs Monday through Friday. You have one additional days revenue.
In Berean's case, Junes Offerings plus Misions total was $96,528 vs July's Offerings plus Missions total was $110,253.52. It is slightly short of the 25% increase, at a 14% increase, which means their revenue, even though more, is actually falling month over month.

Compare this to January's (5 Sunday's) Offerings and Missions at $136,787 and you get a 25% revenue decline. February was a 4 Sunday month and they had $126,676 in Offerings and Missions.

August results should be interesting, as I see on 8/1 they made a $22,000 payment to First Bank (already late!) and another is scheduled on 8/27 for $30,000. It should be interesting to see who they don't pay to make these payments.

They still have to file August's financials before the meeting on October 6th.

The documents can be viewed at:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What did Preacher say?!

I was told that Tom Neal got up the other night and told the congregation that the investigation against Greg Neal has been dropped due to lack of evidence.  Well, that is just another lie "Preacher" has told from the pulpit.  The investigation is in fact over.  The investigation is over due to the Statute of Limitations.  There's only a one year window to prosecute in cases of voyeurism.  Although this tape recording happened 10 years ago, detectives were trying to see if they could get the statute waived because the victims didn't know about the tape until fairly recently. It was a long shot, but worth a try.  The victims identified not only themselves on the tape, but they also identified Greg Neal.  The Clay County Sheriff's Office had the tape and called the girls in to see it.  Tom Neal has said multiple times that "THERE IS NO TAPE", but that too was a LIE.  If there's no tape Tom Neal, then why do the CCSO say that they have it?  How can the victims identify themselves if there's no video to view? How can the members of Berean Baptist Church trust this liar?

It's worth mentioning that neither Tom or Greg Neal would cooperate with investigators.  If there's no tape, why not just say so?  Seems pretty simple; no tape, no case right?

Here's a link to read the details yourself:

So there it is, in black and white.  I know that a copy of the police report has been sent to all the men on staff.  So they now know what you and I know.  Now, it's time to see if they follow through and do what they've taught us to do all these years.  I know I'm personally watching to see what Bro. Fox and Dr. Farber do.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Letter From Robin Leftwich to Gwen.

Gwen "friended" Robin's daughter on Facebook.  That's it.  This letter is from Robin to Gwen

From: Robin Leftwich
You are now being told, in no uncertain terms, to quit stalking my daughter on Facebook. How dare you make contact with my daughter in order to attempt to have an evil influence over her. This was a total loser move…and I’m not surprised.
In your misguided and very limited knowledge and intelligence, you fail to realize that all of my children have known, recognize and despise people like you and your ilk. Their father, as a pastor, has been the victim of exactly this kind of pharisaical attack…been accused of the very same things, been lied about, lied TO, mocked, betrayed and all the same, boring, non-original stuff. These attacks are monotonous and always ALWAYS the same. It all boils down to authority (rebellion against it, as in YOUR case) and money. Authority and money. Authority and money. Authority and money. You always go out from us because you were  never OF us. You are the worthless tares that grow up among the wheat. You are the non-tithers who rage and fret over how “their” tithes are used (the tithes are the LORD’S, not yours). Your sort abused our family in the same way, traumatized my children and those within the church, some to never recover. Those who suffered most were the anguished, confused children of the evil rebels. You have that to look forward to, I promise you. You should be ashamed of yourself…but I know you’re not. You’re reprobate..
Your pseudo-spirituality is disgusting. You are phony, puffed up and arrogant. You set yourself up as the final authority. You prey on those you consider weaker (such as your husband who is diminutive both in spirit and stature, students at the church, etc). You accuse others of the very things you are guilty of. Those of you who have unrepentant, gross moral failings in your life want to hold others to a higher, impossible standard (the beam-in-the-eye principle) and then rage when you feel they’ve failed to meet your expectations. The height of 
    • hypocrisy.
      You are an oppressive, wicked shrew and if you don’t quit stalking my children, I will take legal action against you. Trust me, I know how to do this. I’ve had to learn and I’m more than happy to do it.. Unlike you, I am very creative and resourceful. I’m not a pastor’s wife anymore. I don’t have to play nice. I’m very motivated.
      Some in your mob are already losing touch with reality/sanity and losing their health. You are messing with God’s man and God’s work. There is always a price to pay and it is high. Satan uses you like a toy and then tosses you aside, leaving you with all the broken, shattered pieces. And you’re also messing with MY children. You’ve dragged me into this fight. You’ve hit a buzz saw lady. It was a stupid thing to do.
      Don’t bother to respond. I’m not interested in anything you have to say…heard it all before…boooring. I will not read anything from you. However, I better not hear that you’re harassing my children again.

      Wow, what a lovely Christian lady she is. I hope if my daughters ever become pastor's wives, they turn out just like Mrs. Leftwich.  I don't know about you, but this is how I imagine Christ talking.    
  • New Documents can be viewed

    Courtesy of George X,

    Disclosure Statement

    March Financial Statement

    April Financial Statement

    May Financial Statement

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Church Bylaws & Documents

    I have a copy of the Bylaws posted at:

    The bankruptcy document can be viewed at:

    The attorney fee document can be viewed at:

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Hey Fundamental!

    Hello again, I think we can all agree that this is getting ridiculous.  Preacher told all the teenagers that if their parents want them to leave the church or take them out of school, they should run away.  I heard church members and deacons threatening physical violence to those who dare mess with their preacher. Put your baseball bats, guns, and knives away.  This isn't the Wild West.  This is church.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ.  David Wright, I don't care what you say, Greg Kassner is your Brother in Christ, like it or not.  If you both are saved, then you are brothers in Christ.  It's not up to you, God says so.  He told the seniors not to refer to Greg Kassner as Brother, because "he is no brother of mine."  He also told the seniors not to refer to Greg as Mr., because the title Mr. is for a man, and Greg is no man.  David Wright is a tool.  He is a puppet.  He does what preacher tells him to do and how to do it.  He has little senior girls fight his battles.  The night the seniors gave their "testimonies", you had to two little girls repeating all the things they've heard David Wright say. 

    Preacher has the opportunity to deal with in church.  He refuses to, so now we take it to the public.  First Coast News is working on this story.  The video, the bankruptcy, the threats, the "sermons", everything!  Berean Baptist church members, will you stand up with me?  Will you share your stories?  You can do this anonymously.  Gwen Shelton will share her story, my family is too.  Please contact me at  We're going to get the ball rolling.

    P.S Who told preacher "takeover Sunday" was yesterday?  Weirdo.