Thursday, August 4, 2011

Letter From Robin Leftwich to Gwen.

Gwen "friended" Robin's daughter on Facebook.  That's it.  This letter is from Robin to Gwen

From: Robin Leftwich
You are now being told, in no uncertain terms, to quit stalking my daughter on Facebook. How dare you make contact with my daughter in order to attempt to have an evil influence over her. This was a total loser move…and I’m not surprised.
In your misguided and very limited knowledge and intelligence, you fail to realize that all of my children have known, recognize and despise people like you and your ilk. Their father, as a pastor, has been the victim of exactly this kind of pharisaical attack…been accused of the very same things, been lied about, lied TO, mocked, betrayed and all the same, boring, non-original stuff. These attacks are monotonous and always ALWAYS the same. It all boils down to authority (rebellion against it, as in YOUR case) and money. Authority and money. Authority and money. Authority and money. You always go out from us because you were  never OF us. You are the worthless tares that grow up among the wheat. You are the non-tithers who rage and fret over how “their” tithes are used (the tithes are the LORD’S, not yours). Your sort abused our family in the same way, traumatized my children and those within the church, some to never recover. Those who suffered most were the anguished, confused children of the evil rebels. You have that to look forward to, I promise you. You should be ashamed of yourself…but I know you’re not. You’re reprobate..
Your pseudo-spirituality is disgusting. You are phony, puffed up and arrogant. You set yourself up as the final authority. You prey on those you consider weaker (such as your husband who is diminutive both in spirit and stature, students at the church, etc). You accuse others of the very things you are guilty of. Those of you who have unrepentant, gross moral failings in your life want to hold others to a higher, impossible standard (the beam-in-the-eye principle) and then rage when you feel they’ve failed to meet your expectations. The height of 
    • hypocrisy.
      You are an oppressive, wicked shrew and if you don’t quit stalking my children, I will take legal action against you. Trust me, I know how to do this. I’ve had to learn and I’m more than happy to do it.. Unlike you, I am very creative and resourceful. I’m not a pastor’s wife anymore. I don’t have to play nice. I’m very motivated.
      Some in your mob are already losing touch with reality/sanity and losing their health. You are messing with God’s man and God’s work. There is always a price to pay and it is high. Satan uses you like a toy and then tosses you aside, leaving you with all the broken, shattered pieces. And you’re also messing with MY children. You’ve dragged me into this fight. You’ve hit a buzz saw lady. It was a stupid thing to do.
      Don’t bother to respond. I’m not interested in anything you have to say…heard it all before…boooring. I will not read anything from you. However, I better not hear that you’re harassing my children again.

      Wow, what a lovely Christian lady she is. I hope if my daughters ever become pastor's wives, they turn out just like Mrs. Leftwich.  I don't know about you, but this is how I imagine Christ talking.    
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