Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey Fundamental!

Hello again, I think we can all agree that this is getting ridiculous.  Preacher told all the teenagers that if their parents want them to leave the church or take them out of school, they should run away.  I heard church members and deacons threatening physical violence to those who dare mess with their preacher. Put your baseball bats, guns, and knives away.  This isn't the Wild West.  This is church.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ.  David Wright, I don't care what you say, Greg Kassner is your Brother in Christ, like it or not.  If you both are saved, then you are brothers in Christ.  It's not up to you, God says so.  He told the seniors not to refer to Greg Kassner as Brother, because "he is no brother of mine."  He also told the seniors not to refer to Greg as Mr., because the title Mr. is for a man, and Greg is no man.  David Wright is a tool.  He is a puppet.  He does what preacher tells him to do and how to do it.  He has little senior girls fight his battles.  The night the seniors gave their "testimonies", you had to two little girls repeating all the things they've heard David Wright say. 

Preacher has the opportunity to deal with in church.  He refuses to, so now we take it to the public.  First Coast News is working on this story.  The video, the bankruptcy, the threats, the "sermons", everything!  Berean Baptist church members, will you stand up with me?  Will you share your stories?  You can do this anonymously.  Gwen Shelton will share her story, my family is too.  Please contact me at  We're going to get the ball rolling.

P.S Who told preacher "takeover Sunday" was yesterday?  Weirdo. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's almost time....

I've been reading all the comments on this site and the fundamental forum.  I've also been talking to other members who have not posted.  I find that there are three different types of church members:

1.      The first are members who are content in their way of life.  It's easy for them to ignore the pressing issues of our church because they feel as though it doesn't really affect them, or that they don't exist.  They are content with just coming to church, talking to the same ole people, doing the same ole thing.  This church member doesn't like change.  These members can be dangerous because they can't see what's going on around them. They refuse to listen to the facts.  They refuse to ask questions.  They are the ones that will fight for preacher.

2.  The second type of church member doesn't care.  They might be planning to leave anyway.  They don't like drama or confrontation.  They might be new and not know how things are done at Berean.  The might not know what's going on.  Question is brother....why don't you care?  Why are you here?

3.  Finally, there are members like you and I.  We are members who truly love the church.  We have been faithful, tithing, and soul winning Christians.  I've been going to Berean my whole life.  I love Preacher.  I love Bro. Greg.  But somewhere along the line there has been a disconnect.  I don't believe these are evil, vicious men.  I believe that Preacher believes he is doing the right thing.  I believe that Bro. Greg is a different man today, not the perv from way back.  Does this mean we just sit back and forget about sins committed? NO.  Does this mean we sit back and let Preacher cover it up? No.  How about finances, don't you want to know what's going on? YES.  I find it odd that ex church members and strangers know more about OUR church finances than WE do.  We're the ones that give the money; we should decide where it goes.  The third type of church member doesn't want to leave.  If you are like me, Berean has been your life for years and you're ready to fight for it.  You're tired of being told we are at war.  For as long as I can remember, Berean has always been at war with somebody.  People hate us; we have a bad name in the community.  It's not because we go soul winning either.  Maybe it’s because of how we treat people who disagree with us, who don't do what we say, Who don't do it like we want.  Could it be because we make bad business deals? 

Christians, can I ask you something?  If God is truly blessing us, then why did we have to file for Bankruptcy?  Why are we $6.6 million in debt?  Why does preacher get paid so much when our teachers don't get paid anything?  Do you recall Preacher telling us from the pulpit that Apple donated the computer lab equipment?  That Apple equipment was written off in the bankruptcy....grand total $15,000.  We have no business financing things and then not paying them.  That's stealing.  If we can't afford to pay teachers, then why are we hiring new staff members and paying them.  Why are we printing banners and signs?  Why are we taking on new missionary families?  Why are we having all these conferences?  Why are we not taking care of our own?  Now, I agree that preacher should get paid well because he's been here for a long time.  You know who else has been here a long time?  Pam Triplett.  How about the Stanley’s?  Dr. and Mrs. Hudson...there are plenty more.  None of which, are making over 100 grand a year.

Church member, please don't take my word.  The people of Berea would listen to what the preachers had to say and look it up in the scriptures to see for themselves.  I'm asking you to read for yourself our bankruptcy papers.  Read our bylaws.  Lastly, read our Bible.

It’s about time to confront the staff.  Just a few more weeks….

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

According to bylaws....

     I didn't know about the situation at church until last Wednesday.  Apparently, the Cochran's were passing out literature at church on Easter Sunday, to some of the other members. They asked them not to read the letters until they got home (the letter is posted on the fundamental forum and the action jax news comments section).  Somebody gave their letter to Preacher and a big yelling match was started in the parking lot.  I personally did not see it, but they same story keeps getting repeated, so I'm pretty sure that's how it went down.  So, one of the girls from the video confronted Preacher and said he lied to her.  I was told she had heard about the tape about a year and a half ago, but preacher said that no such tape existed. Now action jax news is reporting that there is an investigation and that there is a tape.

    Nobody is talking about it, Wednesday came and he just talked about members leaving.  He didn't mention the tape or any names.  Now, I don’t know what the deal is, I've never seen a tape, but the Bible says that the pulpit is to be blameless.  If Bro. Greg did do this, then he has no business being a pastor.  I hope and pray it's not true.  I love him very much and he's always been good to me.  Unfortunately, he's not perfect-he's a sinner saved by grace, just like the rest of us.  This tape was supposedly recorded 10 years ago.  He may very well be a changed man, but that doesn't mean that there are no consequences for his actions. 

     The biggest problem I have is the cover up.  According to our bylaws:

C. Discipline. Discipline is that procedure including Christian teaching, training, admonition
and rebuke, both private and public, with the view to helping the individual grow in grace,
mature in the individual faith, break off from worldliness and live wholly for the Lord. At such
time that a member shall refuse to receive such help it will be necessary for the church to
exclude him from the membership.

Section 1. Differences between individuals or sins not generally known, the
wronged party shall follow Matt. 18:15-17. A person bringing a matter into the
public or before the church before following this scripture shall be subject to

Section 2. Matters of formal accusation shall be:
1. Public sins or sins known by the church or the general public.
2. Holding and persistently propagating false doctrine.
3. Any failure to abide by the church covenant; such as failure to
attend the three weekly services without reasonable excuse,
failure to contribute to the church, failure to be reconciled to
another member, etc.
Section 3. Charges must be made in writing, Signed and presented to the
church clerk. The church clerk shall give at least one week's notice in writing,
with charges stated, to the accused member to appear at a designated meeting
for a hearing. If the accused member fails to appear, the church may proceed.
The accused may call to his aid another church member to speak for him.
Section 4. A member formally accused is automatically released from any office
or position, cannot speak at business meetings except at the hearing, and is
deprived of his right of vote. 

The issue has been brought up and nobody on staff is dealing with it-we're not even allowed to talk about it.  Berean Baptist Church is supposed to be a BIBLE BELIEVING Baptist church.  We're not even following the scriptures!  That's a problem.  People are too scared to bring it up! 

MEMBERS! Please join this blog! Spread the word!  You can speak freely and do it without anybody knowing who you are!  I know people are waiting for school to be over, so that they can take their kids and leave, but that doesn't fix the problem!  We've got to grow in numbers so that we can confront the issues and bring them to light!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Berean Baptist Church Member

Dear Berean Baptist church members,

This Blog is intended for the members of Berean Baptist Church to meet and discuss what's going on in OUR church. If you're like me, you've been a FAITHFUL, TITHING church member for years. There have always been a few issues here and there over the years, but no church is perfect. Unfortunatley, there are a number of issues going on at church and it's time that deal with the issues. I'm tired of being told we are in a fight with somebody and not being told why.

If you look around you noticed the Cochrans are no longer at church. They were escorted off property. Anytime you say something that ticks Preacher off, it's his right to have you leave the church. There's some debate over whether of not Bro. Cochran was dismissed as a Deacon or if he resigned. According to church bylaws and the Bible, the members voted him in, and members have to vote him out. I remember voting him in, I did not vote him out. Nothing was ever discussed with us about the issue. Bro. Stanley just let us know that the church had a "bowel movement". Wow! I love The Cochrans, I thought The church loved them too. What a way to talk about a FAITHFUL, TITHING BROTHER IN CHRIST. According to Preacher, we're at war with him. Apparently Bro. Cochran has been stealing from the church, and he threatened to kill members of the Neal family! Who knew after all this time, money, and service, that Bro. Cochran was actually working with the DEVIL, Bro McClean, and Dr. Miller to destroy preacher and take ove the church! Not, I'm not exactly sure, but I'm pretty sure the Cochrans are financially stable. I think Bro. McClean owns a couple of sucessful businesses, and he's busy, when would he have to run the church? I don't know! Dr. Miller-he has his own church, a church, by the way, is not $6.6 million dollars in debt! (I don't think he wants ours!)

We as church members really should have some serious questions about the finances of Berean Baptist Church. Way back when we were told that we won the law suit, from what I understand it was about 4 million, where did that money go? Why is our church still in this much debt? Where did the mission house actually come from? Why were we told from the pulpit that we purchased property in New Mexico when we really didn't? (it was really not a purchase, but a lease with option to buy) Where are the church by laws? Shouldn't the Deacon be part of the financial meetings and actually know what is going on? For some reason, we as members are not allowed to know the details of what is going on. Hmmm, I thought since we give the money that the finances were suppose to be public knowledge. Do the deacons know? Ask a deacon and see what happens. We as members should stand together and ask these questions.

I hope the members will join this blog and post your own questions. I will have more to post at a later date.