Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey Fundamental!

Hello again, I think we can all agree that this is getting ridiculous.  Preacher told all the teenagers that if their parents want them to leave the church or take them out of school, they should run away.  I heard church members and deacons threatening physical violence to those who dare mess with their preacher. Put your baseball bats, guns, and knives away.  This isn't the Wild West.  This is church.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ.  David Wright, I don't care what you say, Greg Kassner is your Brother in Christ, like it or not.  If you both are saved, then you are brothers in Christ.  It's not up to you, God says so.  He told the seniors not to refer to Greg Kassner as Brother, because "he is no brother of mine."  He also told the seniors not to refer to Greg as Mr., because the title Mr. is for a man, and Greg is no man.  David Wright is a tool.  He is a puppet.  He does what preacher tells him to do and how to do it.  He has little senior girls fight his battles.  The night the seniors gave their "testimonies", you had to two little girls repeating all the things they've heard David Wright say. 

Preacher has the opportunity to deal with in church.  He refuses to, so now we take it to the public.  First Coast News is working on this story.  The video, the bankruptcy, the threats, the "sermons", everything!  Berean Baptist church members, will you stand up with me?  Will you share your stories?  You can do this anonymously.  Gwen Shelton will share her story, my family is too.  Please contact me at  We're going to get the ball rolling.

P.S Who told preacher "takeover Sunday" was yesterday?  Weirdo. 


  1. This is all getting to be too much. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm torn between my love and loyalty to the church and the alleged victim(s) whom I care deeply for. Can you please email me at I'd like to talk.

  2. Confused, if you follow God and not a man, you will know the right thing to do. Is it hard to leave Berean, yes! Is it the right thing to do, yes! How can anyone possibly respect or listen to someone who has repeatedly lied from the pulpit? It is unfortunate that it took a criminal act for many of us to start acknowledging all that is wrong with "our" church. Please call Det. Heather Lanier at 213-6622 if you want to personally confirm the ongoing investigation. Contrary to what we have been told over and over from the pulpit, there are many good churches in Jacksonville.